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Flat Roofing


Felt roofersWhen you mention Felt or Flat Roofs almost everyone's first thought is of leaks and damage to ceilings, walls and carpets and furniture.

We are discovering that a lot of old flat / felt roofs suffer from water seeping through the old fashioned built up felted roof, which becomes and on-going problem due to the felt flat roof felt becoming brittle and degraded over time which invariantly leads to flat roof leaks. Modern Flat roofing materials are now so advanced and efficient that we can guarantee your flat or felt roof will be waterproof and leak free for life. We find that homeowners believe that they should continually keep repairing their flat roof felt with similar low quality mineral felt, that require felting on a regular basis. We can provide solutions that will ensure your property is maintenance free and hassle free for many years.

Newhaven Roofing based in Essex provides domestic and commercial flat roof repairs and flat roof installation services. Our new torch on High Performance felts allow you to have peace of mind for  a minimum of 10 years guarantee leaving you with no ongoing maintenance concerns or worries. If you have an old flat roof that you suspect is leaking then get in contact with us and we will send around an expert that can determine if you need a new flat roof and will discuss your options with you.

Once we have replaced your roof it will be a waterproof seal over the whole of your roof that is weather resistant, 100% watertight, and guaranteed.

Deciding to opt for our flat roofing installation on your existing roof will ensure you save yourself from the high financial costs and the high inconvenience factor that can be involved in neglecting flat roof repairs.






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