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Slate and Tile Roofing


The most popular and cost effective roof covering in the UK, slate and tile coverings for your house or business is a great choice, providing an attractive appearance. and working out a cheap and durable choice for all conditions. Roofs that are slated or tiled for most houses will generally last for many years, protecting your property for generations . There is very little maintenance required for these types of roofs and you have the option of a huge selection of colours / shades and styles for your slates and tiles. Tiled roofs provide strong protection from the elements ensuring even the worst weather wont get into your roof space.

Newhaven Roofing Essex have over 23 years experience, so if you want a complete new roof or need some storm damage repaired or even just want some advice please contact us using the numbers opposite or by our contact form to arrange a free quotation.

As a homeowner or business proprietor it's your responsibility to keep your tiled roof in good order this will prevent any dampness from getting in your roof space and from reaching your roof timbers, which would be massively difficult and expensive to replace. Therefore like most things prevention is better than the cure so it is preferable to tackle problems straight away before they become large problems which could be as simple as not ignoring the missing tile on the roof and getting it repaired as this will avoid the need to replace rotten damp roof timber.and will avoid any further damage.

You have arrived at this page as you are probably worried about your roof or just considering replacing or repairing your slate or tiled roof. Well worry no more we are here to help, we can offer advice on selecting the right roof covering be it tile or slate and can help with the important factors in roof covering such as durability, insulation, weatherproofing, the roofs appearance, cost and waterproofing.






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