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Roof repairs


It's possible that you will not need a new complete roof if you discover a problem or experience a leak in your house roof. Possibly a simple and relatively cheap repair to your roof will be all that is required, our roofing experts will come and advise you about the options you have.

Is your house or office roof suffering from one or more of these common roof problems?

  • Missing or slipped or broken tiles?
  • Slate roof needing repair?
  • Leaking chimney flashings?
  • Leaking lead valleys?
  • Dislodged and Loose ridge and hip tiles?
  • Torn, ripped or missing felt / roof linings?

Then Newhaven Roofing are here to help, give us a call or email and we will give you expert advice that has been learned over 20+ years of fixing and replacing roofs in Essex.

We have found that the following factors have led to your house or property needing it's roof repaired

1. Neglect of Roof or Lack of Maintenance
The basic neglect or failure to detect and fix minor roof deterioration at the first sign of leaking or problems is probably the biggest reason why roof repairs are required

2. Weathering
It's natural that roofing materials deteriorate from exposure to the weather over time but the rate that they deteriorate is determined by the kind of material and the conditions of exposure that they experience. We regularly replace tiles that are over 100 years old, proving that if you fit a good roof then it will last a lifetime.

3. Improper Design
Roofing problems are sometimes caused by the incorrect initial design of the roofing system. Design mistakes early on are financially costly to remedy and normally can only be corrected during a complete roof replacement.

4. Flashing Failures
Flashings provide watertight joins between roofing materials and roof projections like between your roof tiles and your chimney, where lead flashings are commonly used, they can also be used between different roof sections. Flashings are the most vulnerable part of your roof. but the good news is that they are easily replaced if they show signs of aging or begin to let in water,. Their importance to the health of the roofing system cannot be exaggerated, as the roof is only as strong as it's weakest part.







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