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Your Roof

The roof on your home or indeed on your Business is one of the most vital of your responsibilities. If a roof lets in the weather and allows water to come in or worse the tiles or slates on the roof become old and insecure and threaten to fall off, this could easily lead to big and long term headaches that if left untreated will always give you property problems. You are likely to experience, damp rot and rotting roofing timber or structural damage or injury to people if the roof fixtures fall down.

Its common that people spend their own money, effort and valuable time in decorating their house but many people neglect the exterior and in particular the roof to their property, its normally left until water comes into the property and before action is taken, its vital not to neglect the core components of the house or office.

A building with a safe and secure roof is a fundamental requirement in safeguarding and protecting your possessions and property. A new / well maintained roof including guttering and soffits will ensure the value of your property is maintained.

Newhaven Roofing profiles the full range of services to ensure your roof including cladding / soffits and guttering remain in top condition for years to come.

Property Purchase

When you move house or when you are thinking about buying a house or property, the state of the roof will be a deciding factor. Your property survey report, depending on the level of report you get, will have a section on the roofing condition, we find in general that these reports are reasonably accurate but roofing is our business and we know it better than anybody.

The report you receive may not give you, as the potential house purchaser, the full picture and its possible that it will not give full details about your roof. That’s why its favourable that  we examine the roof and will offer to give you a full, fair and unbiased assessment. If required then we can offer you a full detailed quote if your roof requires any attention.


Roof Repairs - Emergency

Newhaven Roofing provides an Essex call-out facility / service to fix sudden leaks, and storm damage that may occur. Normally we can put non-permanent covers on your roof to safeguard your  property with a view to assessing the requirements later. We will then have time to give you a thorough assessment, to ensure you are covered with any roofing claims for your house insurance and then we can concentrate on getting your roof fixed, so that its better than new.

Like all emergency roof callouts, we charge for the callout but these are fair and reasonable charges to ensure your property is protected from further damage and protects you from further inconvenience. We will ensure that your roof is safe and secured and that is the top priority.

Planned Roof Repairs

Its true to say that most properties, homes or offices, need regular ongoing maintenance. If you are in any doubt about the state of your roof then we will offer to take a look at it and assess if any remedial work is required to repair it or to keep it from falling into disrepair. If we find that there is a requirement for minor repairs then we will detail this and will advise you of this fact.

If we find there is a need for more detailed and extensive repairs we will give you a thorough description of what is required and will discuss these options with you.

There are some occasions that we consider roofing repair work to be urgent and believe that if the repairs are delayed that there is a likelihood that the cost of repairs will escalate, like a leak in the roof that may damage the roof timbers and ceilings if left unfixed. We always advise against any 'quick fixes' for the roof like a 'cement wash' being put on your roof.

These quick fixes are rarely long term and end up costing much more in the long run to put right. If in any doubt about any options given to you then we advise that you can talk to us or consult with another professional like surveyors and architects. Professionals will always advise against ‘quick fixes’ and will recommend that roofing work is best undertaken by a professional roofing company that just concentrates on roofing (like ourselves) as opposed to general builders or a handyman.


New Roofs / Roof Replacement

Most roofs, with a bit of regular maintenance, can be kept going almost for tens of years. Inevitably you may decide the roof needs to be replaced as ongoing repairs are not feasible, or you simply want the peace of mind in knowing you have a new roof and that it will be safe and secure for many years to come.

You may have experienced many leaks and problems with the roof that have left you with a high level of mould and damp in your loft or roof space. If left untreated it will lead to rotting of the timbers.

By leaving a roof in place that has given a lot of problems previously, or one that is starting to show its age there is a danger that a bad storm may cause damage your roof and indirectly to your house as it may expose any weak points. This may result in leaving you with a major problem and possible leaks.

Investment in your house

Getting a  new roof fitted to your house is a major investment, but will certainly add financial value to your house and in the longer term will certainly save you money.

Common sense dictates that it is sensible to sort out your roof before spending large amounts of money on internal refurbishment. If you can’t afford a whole new roof when you need it you will find that mortgage lenders will release funds for this vital repair. Additionally you have the option to spread the financial cost over a short period of time by replacing roof elevations one at a time, although this may cost more than having it done all at once and could involve additional inconvenience.

Whatever your situation we provide you with a detailed roofing assessment and will be on hand to answer any questions you have before you decide to commit to a new roofing project.

New Builds

Building your own home or involved in your own conversion project? We will be delighted to provide you with a quotation for your new roof covering, based on the architect's plans. We are on hand every step of the way to give expert advice on roofing material options that you have and the various construction methods.

Inevitably when we are completing your roofing work we will erect  scaffolding around your property , while this is up it may be a good time to look at the following:

    * Roof-lights (repair, clean or replacement)
    * Soffits, Fascia board and bargeboards (Timber or UPVC)
    * Guttering and downpipes (Cast iron or UPVC)
    * Chimneys, chimney stacks, pots.








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